Mulberry Shrub and Mulberry Collins of Daluva Labs®

The recipe is shared by Shahar Lubin, owner of Daluva Restaurant and Bar

– My full review about Daluva – the true gem in Hanoi
– Greek Week @ Daluva

Mulberry Shrub

  • Put 1kg of washed Mulberries in a large jar or other container.
  • Add 1kg sugar on top and cover.
  • The next day, stir and cover again.
  • One day later, add 750ml vinegar (preferably Cider), and 250ml water.
  • Cover and leave out for a week.
  • Strain in a fine mesh, pressing down.
    (Keeping the ratio, you can scale up, or down, easily).
  • Use for drinks with water (1:5) and ice, or for cocktails.


Mulberry Collins
20 ml. Mulberry Shrub
50 ml. Gin
Tonic Water

  • Mix the shrub, gin and ice in a highball glass vigorously.
  • Top with tonic water, and give it one stir.




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