13 Struggles Of Dating A ‘Foodie’ (But You Realize It’s Totally Worth It In The End)

They are not all true! Oh well, okay, most of them… :”) Especially number 11!

11. “I can’t wait to go on our vacation! There is a great place to eat here for breakfast and oooh they say this place is good for lunch… SO MANY PLACES! HONEY I DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO TRY FIRST… I’m panicking.”

Planning a vacation is the scariest thing you can do with a foodie because you’ll spend hours drawing maps to figure out the food places to hit up first.

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I’m dating a self-proclaimed foodie. When we first met I shrugged it off thinking she was just one of those people who took pictures of their mundane food plates during meals. I was wrong, dead wrong. These past five years I’ve been full of spite, hate, and love to her addiction to food.

Please… I’m not talking about the type of addiction that leads her to shove food into her mouth like a gluttonous foul creature. I’m talking about the type of addiction where cooking food, grocery shopping for food, and especially, eating food at every single reputable restaurant is on her mind 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Food is the first and last priority of the day. And, there is no line to what we’ll do for the perfect meal. For example, I’ve traveled over 30 miles to purchase the “correct” berries so the dish…

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