Maison de TET Decor [UPDATED]

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem tiếng Việt

I heard about this place from a group on Facebook called “Foodies in Hanoi”, while I had really wanted to eat cheesecake for several days already! My cheesecake thirst did not decrease a week after that, so I decided to satisfy my tummy, urgently. The way to food was not easy. We almost could not finding this place though we passed it twice, because it did not have any signboard. Thanks God, I finally saw it while we were on the way to leave!


It looked unexceptional from outside, but the decoration inside was impressive and creative, with strong influence from Buddhism and culture of Northern ethnic minorities.

We sat at the balcony of 2nd floor, to see the view of West Lake. The ambiance was perfect for chilling out and small talk, from outdoor seats in the garden, to indoor area. A group of young people was having a birthday party here.


Later, I told my food reporter friend about my visit to Maison de Tet Decor, she said that her close friend organized her birthday party here before, everything was okay, excepting the birthday cake. The Black Forest cake was dry. However, fortunately, our experience this time, was quite tasty.


Because of family dinner, we could only try cakes and simple drinks. The menu (pictures below) included most homemade and comfort food for daily meals, brunch, or supper. Next time I would love to try the Half and Half Soup and Sandwich Meal. From my cake portion, I believe this meal should be wiser choice for me!

  • Carrot Cake with Sour Cream Cheese Frosting: I and my friend shared this, I rarely eat carrot cake but this one was good, not too sweet, soft, with feeling of homemade food 😉
  • Banana Cheesecake with a layer of passion fruit mousse: It was delicious, but too sweet for me somehow. One of my Western friend told me it was exact sweetness of the one in US. Well, maybe I should be back to Japanese cakes? :/
  • Lemongrass and Ginger tea: my friend ordered this, and he liked it, so we ask for one more cup for me to try. It was warm and tasty, however, we could not stop ourselves from thinking that we were drinking broth of steamed snails and clams (am I kidding….no!?!?!). Sorry, tea… 😦 (My confirmation: tea was good, just our taste imagination was awkward, lolz).
  • Winter Hot Chocolate: my drink, with milk, dark chocolate, cinnamon (strong flavor), honey, vanilla. Enough for a light windy winter night!

I took a picture of tea menu (actually I tried to remember the name of Lemon and Ginger Tea by doing it :p ). Otherwise, menu was screen-captured from their website.

Part of drinks menu



We met Pete, the Aussie owner in the 1st floor. Knowing that he has been in Vietnam for more than 10 years with several businesses, was a surprise. Especially, one of my favorite coffee shop – Hanoi House, and my friend’s favorite coffee shop – Cafe Mau, were belonged to him before! We recognized the similarity in decoration between them and this place. We talked about his current on-going “hidden gems” in the North of Vietnam, including Sapa, Ha Long Bay, huge exclusive garden in suburb of Hanoi, and of course, the Backyard Bia Hoi (love it or hate it, every tourist should know about Bia Hoi in Hanoi, right?!?). I personally appreciate Pete’s business concept about providing a AIO (all-in-one) service for foreign people in experiencing local and authentic cultural feeling, in sustainable and healthy way (this one is for his huge garden with all organic yummy vegetables) 😉

After all, I promised myself that I should come back to enjoy the ambiance. Oh no, I have been lying :”) it is for sweet sins below… 😀

Table of sweetest sins!
Table of sweetest sins!

Address: 36 Tu Hoa Cong Chua street, West Lake (it is lakeside street, behind Sheraton Hotel).
Website: You can find everything about Pete’s hidden gems, including the Maison de TET Decor here.


Because of busy schedule, I almost forgot this cafe, until a little sister-a friend asked me to recommend a cafe with nice view and quiet ambiance. Maison de Tet Decor flashed into my mind. We went together, and I continued coming back several times from April to July this year (2016), to be honest, just because of its view in the evening, or the dawn. My favorite seat is on the balcony of 2nd floor, though I have found recently that the 3rd floor has quite good seat as well.

It’s pity that I cannot drink coffee because it has had a new drink menu (check it out) with great coffee selection, beside tea, detoxing juices, smoothies and plenty of other things. After trying few types of tea, fresh moroccan mint tea has become my favorite choice. Its light refreshing wakes me up from tiredness gently and keeps my calmness.


Chocolate cake is yummy as well, moist, thick, not too heavy or too sweet. Cake quality has been improved significantly from the first time. I don’t know it is good news for bad news for my diet plan, lol. 😀

Small Note: There is a change in number address I think. In my most recent visit, I saw new number 156, above old number 36, which created confusing. I guess the authority tried to reorder house number again.
Bài này mình viết từ Tết năm ngoái và không có viết tiếng Việt, nên phần này mình sẽ bổ sung tóm tắt một số điều mình thích ở Maison de Tet Decor.
— Mình biết đến quán này qua group Foodies in Hanoi, một group nổi tiếng trong cộng đồng người nước ngoài tại Hà Nội.
— Chủ quán này là anh Pete, người Úc. Khi tới đây lần đầu tiên mình đã khá ngạc nhiên do cảm thấy phong cách trang trí có chút gì đó quen quen 😀 Hóa ra là anh ý cũng từng là chủ của hai quán cafe mà mình và bạn của mình rất thích trước kia.
— Không gian ở đây yên tĩnh và thư thái. View từ ban công tầng 2 buổi chiều lúc mặt trời lặn, hoặc buổi tối, rất tuyệt. Năm ngoái mình đến thì quán không chú trọng vào cà phê lắm nhưng năm nay có hẳn một bộ sưu tập cà phê luôn, bạn nào thích uống cà phê hẳn sẽ thấy thích thú 😀 Đáng tiếc là mình không uống được cà phê nên chỉ trung thành với em fresh moroccan mint tea, thanh mát nhưng vẫn nồng ấm, xua tan mệt mỏi.
— Mấy món bánh ở đây đều có sự cải thiện rất đáng kể so với năm ngoái, ngon hơn nhìu á, nhưng thế thì chỉ góp phần làm hỏng kế hoạch giảm ăn đồ ngọt (vốn khó thực hiện) của mình, huhu 😦
— Anh chủ quán rất chú trọng đến các công thức đồ uống và món ăn có lợi cho sức khỏe, cả vegan, detox, organic, nên bạn nào quan tâm đến mấy món này hẳn sẽ thấy hấp dẫn hơn mình. Anh ý còn có một trang trại ở Đại Lải, thi thoảng hay tổ chức các buổi mà mình gọi là “trốn khỏi sự ồn ào của cuộc sống”, tập yoga, reiki, thảo luận về sức khỏe, thiền, chụp ảnh, hòa mình với thiên nhiên. Đây cũng là nơi trồng các loại nguyên liệu sử dụng cho Maison de Tet Decor theo phương pháp organic.
— Số nhà bây giờ có chút lộn xộn, trước là số 36, mà hôm trước mình tới thì thấy còn có số 156 ở trên số 36 cũ. Chậc, bạn nào đi thì nhớ để ý kỹ nha ^^~
— Menu đồ uống bản mới của quán, mọi người xem ở link này.

Nhắc lại địa chỉ chút nè: Số 36 (hoặc villa 156), phố Từ Hoa Công Chúa, quận Tây Hồ, Hà Nội – Ngay gần khách sạn Sheraton nha.




  1. The food looks so yummy yummy :p~ I would love to try eating out at this restaurant once, hehe. Thank you for a very informative review, sis.


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