Dessert And Wine A Valentines Day Tasting And Guest Pairing From Anatoli@ Talk A Vino!


Pug and wine Print (Easy) Pug and wine Print (Etsy)

This is Part II of my Valentines Post, the cake will be paired with wine,  I am not adept at pairing so I looked to my friends, the experts for the perfect pairing for this dessert. Anatoli whose wonderful, informative blog Talk A Vino is one of my go to sources when I want information regarding wine and everything involving the wine culture. I will be posting the wine pairing in a separate post. Anatoli has gone above and beyond and we will be comparing 3 different wines, I felt that this deserves a separate post. I had no idea pairing wine or Champagne or sparkling wine with chocolate is difficult but it is. Isn’t that pug the cutest, Michelle from Rockin Red Blog tweeted to me and when I saw it I had to have it, found on Etsy, bought it and I am now…

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